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How to repair the mechanical seal of the pump

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The mechanical seal is a sealing device composed of two sealing elements (stationary ring and moving ring) perpendicular to the shaft, bright and flat, light mechanical seals for pumps are attached to each other and roll relative to each other. It relies on the pressure of the sealing medium to generate proper pressing force on the touch surface (end face) of the rotating moving ring and static ring, so that the two end faces are tightly combined, and a very thin liquid film is maintained between the end faces to reach the seal. Intentional. This medium-sized mechanical seal liquid film for pumps has hydrodynamic pressure and static pressure, which has the effect of smooth and balanced force.

Cleaning and viewing of mechanical seal

1 The operating principle of the mechanical seal requires that there be no impurities inside the mechanical seal. Before assembling the mechanical seal, clean the moving ring, static ring, shaft sleeve and other parts completely.

2 Check whether there are defects such as scratches and cracks on the surface of the dynamic ring. These shortcomings may cause severe leakage of the mechanical seal when the mechanical seal of the slurry pump is stored. If possible, you can use special tools to check whether the sealing surface is flat or not. The pressure water will enter the dynamic ring sealing surface of the mechanical seal after assembly, separating the dynamic ring and causing the mechanical seal to fail. If necessary, the tooling can be manufactured and tested before assembling.

3 Check whether the dynamic ring seat has shortcomings that affect the seal. For example, does the dynamic ring seat and the dynamic ring seal ring have any shortcomings?

4 Check whether the mechanical seal compensation spring is damaged and deformed, and whether the tenacious coefficient has changed.

5 Check whether the seal sleeve has defects such as burrs and groove marks.

6 Clean and check whether all the sealing rubber rings have defects such as cracks and pores, and measure whether the diameter of the rubber ring is within the tolerance range. For mechanical seals with pumping tissue, it is necessary to check whether the spiral line of the screw pump has defects such as cracks and broken wires.

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